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Films on Food and Farming

Song of the Basques

In March and May we’ll explore the cuisine of place.

In March we’ll start with the film Song of the Basques, which explores the food and culture of the Basque people who live in the northeast of Spain and the southwest of France. The Basque people have maintained many traditional ways, despite the pressure to integrate into the dominant cultures of Spain and France. Notably, they have kept a strong, unique cuisine alive.

Your curator had the good fortune to visit the Basque Country on a Food Sovereignty Tour in 2014 and so can answer a few questions from personal experience.




Books on Food and Farming

Stealing Buddha’s Dinner



In March and May we’ll explore the cuisine of place.

In May we’ll continue with the book Stealing Buddha’s Dinner, by Bich Minh Nguyen, a memoir of a Vietnamese girl growing up in Michigan, navigating between the cuisine that her family brought from their old home and the food of their new home. It’s the story of a girl’s struggle to fit in, often by eating the food of a place that arguably doesn’t have a cuisine.

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