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Jan 12

Books on Food and Farming

The Third Plate – by Dan Barber


In January, Films on Food and Farming will take a break from moving pictures and instead dive into the printed word. For this month, we’ll become Books on Food and Farming. We’ll read Chef Dan Barber’s The Third Plate together.

By reading together, we mean that you’ll read the book first, the Gilroy Library having reserved a number of copies for you to check out, then excitedly come to the library on Jan 12 at 2:30 PM to talk about it together. Peter Ruddock – local sustainable food advocate and Green Omnivore – will lead our discussion of this enjoyable and thought-provoking work.

In The Third Plate, Barber proposes a different way of eating, beyond Farm to Table, beyond farmers markets, even beyond local. The third plate presupposes a relationship between the cook, whether a chef in a restaurant or a cook at home, that respects the work that the farmer does, the care that she takes with the land and the people who work it. Think of it something like the early CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where individuals bought a season-long share of produce from a farm and took the risk with the farmer that it would all come to harvest in time. It is a return to an older set of values regarding food and farming, but with a very modern intentionality.

How might we, whether food professionals or simply conscious cooks and eaters, apply these ideas to our eating habits, to our daily lives? Let’s find out together.

Logistics: if you want to borrow The Third Plate from the Gilroy Library you can visit the upstairs circulation desk on or after Dec 12, where they will be holding 6 copies just for us. Tell them that you are borrowing it to read with Books on Food and Farming and they will check it out for a month for you. That way you can have the book at hand when we discuss it and return it to the library afterward.

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