Heritage Radio Network – Interviews at Slow Food Nations

On Friday, July 13, John Ikerd, Meighen Lovelace and Peter Ruddock participated in a panel session at the Slow Food Nations 2018 Leader Summit titled Eliminating Hunger .  They laid out the problem of hunger in our world and its causes, then presented some ideas for solving this serious problem, and finished with a deep discussion with an engaged and savvy audience.

Heritage Ratio Network interviewed the panelists over the course of the weekend, asking them about their session at the Summit, their work on hunger and other issues and generally about the sustainable food movement and Slow Food.  You can listen to the podcasts of those interviews.




Meighen Lovelace and Peter Ruddock talked food policy, how it relates to hunger, the ability to grow ones own food, sell homemade food and more.  Listen here.




Among other things, John Ikerd laid out his idea for a Public Food Utility, modeled after the Public Utility Commissions which regulate energy utilities.  Listen here.

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