Green Omnivore celebrates the people, groups, businesses, events and ideas, which honor the triple bottom line, balancing the needs of individuals, communities and the planet that we live on.

There are three main areas of focus, including sustainable food, healthy environment and resilient community, which fosters a strong local economy. It may, however, occasionally stray, highlighting other topics which throw a positive light on efforts to build a better world.

Green Omnivore focuses primarily on Northern California, but it looks beyond for inspiration and examples worthy of emulation.

Green Omnivore is the creation of Peter Ruddock, who acts as its curator.




Peter is a sustainable food advocate and small business consultant. He works toward creating a more sustainable world by changing the way we interact with our environment and with each other. He concentrates on food system change because, given that everyone eats, everyone should be able to relate to a healthier, more sustainable food system. He believes that there are four areas where he can best work to foster this change: educating people about sustainability; creating a resilient local economy; creating vibrant, equitable, inclusive and just local communities; and changing policies to foster such changes. He is active in a number of grass-roots non-profits to help accomplish these goals, including: Slow Food, the EcoFarm Conference, the California Food Policy Council, where he acts as coordinator, and the C.O.O.K. Alliance, where he acts as the California Implementation Coordinator for AB 626, the Homemade Food Operation Act..